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Rio De Janeiro shoes shop Homegrown once again invited sports giant Puma launched a new round of cooperation projects, the two sides back to the selection of classic Trinomic XT2 Plus blueprint for the design, with classic gray shoes main colors, made of canvas shoes and suede stitching camouflage, black leather side collocation Formstripe logo, and were integrated into the red in the sense of increasing the contrast the tongue, lining, heel and front, and finally a Trinomic shock absorption to ensure comfort with experience. homegrown-Puma-trinomic-xt2-plus-1.jpg (87.88 KB, download number: 0) download Homegrown x PUMA Trinomic XT2 Plus 2015-3-11 20:51 upload homegrown-Puma-trinomic-xt2-plus-2.jpg (97.24 KB, download number: 0) download Homegrown x PUMA Trinomic XT2 Plus 2015-3-11 20:51 upload homegrown-Puma-trinomic-xt2-plus-3.jpg (100.36 KB, download number: 0) download Homegrown x PUMA Trinomic XT2 Plus 2015-3-11 20:51 upload homegrown-Puma-trinomic-xt2-plus-4.jpg (155.46 KB, download number: 0) download Homegrown x PUMA Trinomic XT2 Plus 2015-3-11 20:51 upload homegrown-Puma-trinomic-xt2-plus-7.jpg (148.18 KB, download number: 0) download Homegrown x PUMA Trinomic XT2 Plus 2015-3-11 20:52 upload home0, according to foreign media reports, Wolverine Worldwide announced the financial results as of the third quarter of September 10, 2011, of which revenue, earnings per share and operating interest rates are two digit growth. Wolverine Worldwide, the third quarter, revenue growth of 12.9%, reaching $361 million 600 thousand, has been five consecutive months of last month's revenue record. gross profit margin rose 44 basic points, reaching 40.6%, operating income rose 17.8%, operatin cheap air jordans g profit record breaking up to 15.6%. Diluted earnings per share increased by 17.1% to $0.82. Over the past 12 months, EBITDA has risen to $187 million 300 thousand. about shoe prices WOLVERINE WOLVERINE group is the oldest shoe manufacturer in the United States; since 1883 it has produced a variety of work protective footwear, boots and outdoor casual sports shoes. After more than a century with a group based on the steady operation and optimization of brand management, and actively expand the global market, have made remarkable achievements in the field of leisure, all over the world, such as outdoor uniforms. Its family brand, whether in product innovation, geographical expansion, market expansion, or the introduction of new brands, have achieved unprecedented success. It is a famous shoe giant in the United states. (Editor: admin)Nike Flyknit Collective installation art 2013-12-08 22:35:32 & nbsp; Nike Flyknit Technology uses almost zero waste, ultimate comfort, simple design concept, redefines high performance design, changed the concept we developed for sports shoes. This technology uphold 40 years of Nike's innovative spirit, but again the way of modern technology to bring new solutions. Nike invite innovators from different disciplines and cultural fields, co Nike Flyknit Collective series of installation art, science and technology will Flyknit abstract design concept into the art space and structure. These innovations were inspired by the Flyknit technology to performance, lightweight, bonded technology, sustainability principles to create, to create a unique space art, giving the audience a unique experience, as the global creative community and Nike Flyknit paid tribute to the excellent science and cheap air jordans online technology. Flyknit Collective series has been in Milan, New York and London with great success. By the end of August this year, the financial technology and creativity as one of the art project came to Shanghai, famous innovation leader, architect and industrial designer green Chi Huang Qian (Arthur Huang) and Nike's Mr. Ben Shaffer, Dave Cobban and Hong Kong's creative team ESKYIU Feather Pavilion jointly unveiled the prototype of installation art is the author of Mr. Huang. Between September 29 to October 6 date, the final product Feather Pavilion installation art will be formally exhibited in the Beijing International Design Week. This interactive platform for innovation in natural mechanics feathers inspired, renewable TPU POLLI brick single material developed by the Wong constructed extremely light and dynamic organic venues, combined with sound, light and other elements give the audience a vivid experience feelings, showing the full range of Nike Flyknit lightweight, fit, function and sustainability features. Adhering to its sustainability Nike "Better World" (Nike Better World) environmental concept, but also with the Beijing Design Week "design to enhance urban quality" theme complement each other. Nike Flyknit Technology Nike Flyknit technology is an unprecedented change, we changed the design, production and high-performance sports shoe wear patterns. Flyknit Technology developed precise structure of the yarn to produce uppers - offer new possibilities for the body and create sustainable revolution. performance, lightweight, bonded technology, sustainability, these Nike Flyknit innovation core strengths, and also the 40 years became the foundation of Nike design elements. Implement these ideals buy cheap jordans online need to solve the problem by designing constantly. Nike Flyknit Collective project Not only the vanguard of the fight forever athletes only desire these qualities. These elements are also designed the basic principles of art and architecture, and prompted Nike to create the Nike Flyknit Collective project: to build a platform for the creative elite in various fields to promote dialogue and interaction between each other, and ultimately enable them to own way through the design of the expression of these principles in their respective fields. Each innovators are associated with these principles has a unique relationship, they are all extraordinary accomplishments in their fields of expertise, involving architecture, modern art, natural sciences, sustainability construction, furniture design and visual arts. They will take advantage of seminars and creative communities from the data collected as a framework for the creation of public art. sports concept will play a key role in the conceptual design and implementation phases. Although the process itself is to provide inspiration for the creators, but the ultimate goal is a new transformation in the way they inspire designers around social groups. Innovators from all areas and cultural backgrounds will be invited to the Nike Flyknit Technology abstract design concept into the art space and structure. Let's take a look at the preview global situation Nike Flyknit Collective works: the modern artist Ernesto Neto starting from July 26 in London Nike shows a mesh apparatus 1948 stores. Weaving handicrafts in its functional aspects are very helpful for heat and stretch after running athlete. The final entries will be completed in September in Rio de Janeiro, as a spo Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale rting event in the world for the next session of the gift of the host country. Since then, there are five Nike Flyknit Collective members will be original works displayed in major cities worldwide: New York by the architect Jenny Sabin responsible, Shanghai Industrial Designers from green to yellow Qian Zhi (Arthur Huang) responsible for London by the United Visual Artists Association responsible, Milan and Tokyo by Lot-ek Architects responsible. They in August - September in their respective cities responsible for original works displayed. Nike is the ultimate goal of a new unique way to encourage creativity in the global community development, adhering to the creative community between Nike and long tradition of cooperation, and promote the development of sports and innovation. Mr. Huang Qianzhi the "Feather Pavilion" Born in Taipei, engineer, Mr. architects, entrepreneurs and pioneers of sustainability thinking Huang Qian Zhi focus on a different perspective of the world. For the four elements Flyknit technology - performance, lightweight, bonded technology, sustainability, Huang Qian Chi Chi, through its small R & D (Miniwiz) the company conducted a subtle and realistic interpretation, and thus contributed to the "Feather Pavilion" of born. This spectacular installation art as an interactive platform for innovation, to show visitors where the full value of Flyknit technology, and from its own nature mechanical masterpiece - a lot of feathers burst out of inspiration and ideas. Set Flyknit design of the four elements in one of the Feather Pavilion, through its roof shape physically embodied in the concept and nature of feathers, its portability and excellent performance force become the core exhibits a lar jordan 3 katrina 2018 ge hall or exhibition space, so like Nike Flyknit and visitors innovative ideas period in which to experience the personalized journey. Each element Mr. Huang Qianzhi works express a "performance-based" - just walk into the pavilion, set foot on the platform, can generate sensory changes throughout the entire structure. Kinetic energy changes the appearance and the actual construction of the building form. Ceiling light as a feather fluttering sound as if sounded, lights and video transmission both inside and outside the walls and floor, creating a harmonious beauty of science and technology and music. "lightweight" runs through the various elements of Feather Pavilion experience - in addition to feelings of absolute essence of the visual light from outside, renewable interwoven sense of lightness and transparency and constantly changing ceiling TPU POLLI another brick structure, it is completely into one. precise structure of this project, the industrial style and custom spirit is "fit" of the perfect embodiment. Complex pulley system mapping the loom action, weaving and creation Flyknit technology which is very similar, while the entire space structure will enter along with those who experience a difference, like wings stretching, into a purely physics Nike innovation extends technology. "sustainability" is not just a fashionable slogan. In the field, it validates the outstanding efforts of small intellectual development in this field, by POLLI compression brick wall, visitors may notice a sustainable qualities of the building - the seemingly worthless waste into raw rough artwork inspired by overflowing. Each POLLI brick made entirely of renewable TPU, associated with each other, thereby creating a fle air jordan 11 space jam for sale xible structure. To further add to 100% of the organic reinforcement mechanism continues the regeneration of traditional rice bran and the future integration of the creative design. Green Voltage (Volt Green) yarn through the entire exhibition hall, which is located in visiting the United States, Oregon, Nike's global headquarters in Beaverton, the use made of Nike R & D lab specifications, like trumpet sturdy mountaineering rope, gradually transformed into the thin rope. This is the perfect combination of function and beauty unprecedented. At the end of the tour, Feather Pavilion will be recycled to produce a creative art installation at small intellectual development of the company. as New Balance popular shoes, 574 in the new year continue to release a large number of colors. In the new series of Stadium Jacket inspired by baseball jackets, we can see the sporty colors and create the classic suede and breathable mesh material. It is reported that the series has entered the stage of color, interested friends may wish to visit the counter. slow upgrade /Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 release Jennings exclusive / Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Low review last article: slow upgrade /Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 released the next article: Jennings exclusive / Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Low in the early years, every time he saw a skateboarding game on TV, he would be hot blooded, even if he wanted to fly in his dream. At the moment the skaters took off, they were able to record everything in the picture, except for the unconscious enlargement of their pupils. A pair of shoes with curved lines often flash into their heads and seem to follow the wings. Then learned that this is the well-known sports brand Van cheap air jordans s shoes money. The brand, which has a history of nearly half a century, offers a good wear demand for young people who love sports. with the arrival of the dragon, the first pair of shoes at the Vans skateboard store is on the shelves. This is called AV SK8-LOW BLACK by black, white and red combination, and this color is also called skateboard shoes the most classic color matching. The front part of the shoe with wear leather material, the rear side section choose a more breathable canvas material, such as mixed material, enough to show the out of the ordinary shoes, it is worth noting that the use of the PU insole cushioning technology, making the shoes icing on the cake like more attractive. adidas Originals 2012 spring and summer shoes shoes selection, feeling "penny" brings us the one and only review last article: "Adidas Originals" 2012 spring and summer tide shoes next: "tide shoes" selection, feel "penny" brings us uniquewhenever summer comes, major brands will always introduce some retro products to make this hot summer colorful. And for NIKE, Midsummer in 2012 is definitely an interesting cycle. Because in just now, they released the upcoming Challenge Court Mid in the coming months. Collocation and three red, white and blue color classic not only reflects the simplicity of summer shoes design theme style, the overall feeling is also a retro characteristics enough, at the same time using mesh nylon material is in the hot summer weather provides a good air permeability, the shoe has been in the Titolo to accept reservations love, friends can not miss. Source: as a brand manager, daily interest is one less, if a little less interest, for from all sources of inspiration will reduce a little, it i Cheap jordans online s one of the chain of clothing design, many brands are exactly the same way. back to earlier this year, vans will have a skateboard called the godfather of VANS founder Steve Van Doren collection of Hawaii Print Shirt inspired a new hobby, Van Doren shoes series, the main different forms of Hawaii style patterns, respectively, Slip-On, Era Sk8-Hi and Authentic VANS classic style. Heel Tab OFF THE WALL label originally was also put on a series of don't note of Van Doren words, the exquisite degree of even the box engraved on 80 90s, retro style, rich collection value, July 1st will log around the VANS shop sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to./PUMA cool shoes / famous sports brand PUMA for the upcoming 2013 holiday season launched a new " Made In Japan Takumi" series, including two styles and two colors, a total of four pairs of shoes. The first is a Hiker Mid NBK " Takumi" climbing boots, made of high quality leather shoes with the collar of the shoe body build, the wool to be decorated, and equipped with D and Vibram shaped shoelace buckle rubber outsole, there are desert color and black optional, suitable for outdoor sports friends in love. The other one is Stepper WKB " Takumi", using the finest litchi peel of the shoe body, and the side of the heel and wool embellishment striped Logo, finally Vibram rubber outsole is equipped with the same, there are brown and black. Gourmet Womens Uno Snake Print Brown/White shoes Royal x Fresku x KangaROOS Coil R1 joint shoes comments on last article: "Gourmet Womens Uno Snake Print Brown/White shoes" next article: Royal x Fresku x KangaROOS Coil R1 joint shoes Air Jordans are well accepted everywhere, young people and also athletes tend to be more crazy for this brand. It means persistency, fashion as well comfort for wearing. That is why they are so popular. As one top of range among the jordans,many people can not be able to buy this brands' shoes due to theri high prices which are not in every case can afford.And good news is here that we offer high quality cheap jordans in our shop.And we have got to therefore be carefully covered, so that they maintain a good condition for some time. We want that when you have placed on this, and always check to check out if any cleaning. You can easliy use the brush toothbrush as well as gently shoes, if his or her spots. If necessary, please complete a brush teeth detergent fluid dishwasher. You need to perform cleaning at a certain time. End of the place of shoes at the end of your dishwasher rack. Cheap 2012 jordans are well joined with properly set your dishwasher pays out. But to ensure which heat drying cycle is definitely transferred. Dishwasher cycles is definitely completed, immediately remove the environment Jordan shoes. Then, placed in a location aerated because of the environment of mold could cause rot. This pair connected with shoes, you should also avoid direct light in the Sun to avoid colour change. If you are definitely not too lazy to take several shoes covered with film. It can make mid-air free shoes and stay away from becoming the yellow shoe soles. Because of it's look elegant and layout exceptional, Mark Jordan may be the classical had released Nike shoes. He also has many supporters that it properly. Its new version belonging to the rumours will make really feel excited. And you can get low price in our cheap jordans online. This article is from138605605326786.jpg (85.77 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 16:05 upload 20131203153426_34573.jpg (156.19 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 16:06 upload 20131203153427_28135.jpg (132.11 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 16:07 upload 20131203153427_18959.jpg (194.96 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 16:07 upload 20131203153427_91647.jpg (190.58 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 16:08 upload Jordan 00 Just before the first exposure KD Elite 9 Japanese fans of the supermarket today and we opened a Jordan CP3.X AE mystery, this is Jordan brand star Chris Paul to create exclusive boots in the playoffs. The new design is more simple, streamlined shoes more full, while the design of TPU hollow fabric was also before instead, the overall style is particularly tough. Jordan CP3.X AE first exposure Jordan CP3.X AE first exposure Jordan CP3.X AE Jordan CP3 X AE first exposureSupreme x Jordan Brand Supreme x Air Jordan to create a joint 5 series will officially debut in the quarter. The series include three different colors are black and white, desert camouflage, this brings three series of. The shoes of the sale price determined as $198, offering no specific information disclosure, please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. Source: copkickzVisvim 2014 spring / summer MALISEET COYOTE-FOLK new 2014-05-06 22:46:03The Japanese giant trend; visvim will bring new shoe model in the spring quarter; MALISEET COYOTE-FOLK shoes at Handmade is the biggest selling point, the design is still the continuation of the brand's folk style line, shoes vamp by British soft leather made, soft texture and tassel design shoes; the upper and the more the overall shape of a lot of extra points. The visvim released four different color matching, the price is as high as 920 dollars, the four color is now with the visvim monopoly stores shelves. The new NIKE ZOOMX 〈br nike="" zoom="" vaporfly="" in="" the="" bottom="" of="" elite="" 2017-03-10="" 11:47:22="" has="" been="" born ultra light, high resilience Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite completely rewrite the definition of running speed. Its eye-catching appearance is the latest example of the long-term mission of Nike to change the pattern of movement. in the traditional sense, long distance running shoes need to be close to the ground at the same time. However, some compromises need to be made in order to achieve this idea. For example, how can the running shoes maximize the energy rebound when the seismic performance is limited? Whether can find answers to these questions is crucial to the success of Nike Breaking2's bold attempt. The challenger erwood · Kipjoge (Eliud Kipchoge), Lelisa · (Lelisa Desisa); German xisa and Zesen · Todd (Zersenay Tadese); plug the dress by Nike ZoomX Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite in the bottom of the boots, for every step forward to provide the most powerful driving force. the concept of running shoes for elite athletes each tailored for Breaking2 this bold attempt after a series of rigorous research, and a new paradigm shift that, although the "less is more" is the main idea of the past, but "more is better" approach is likely to dominate the future of running shoes style. "form must take function as the starting point. We apply aerodynamic knowledge to a symbolic aesthetics that represents speed and openness." Nike explores the research team, senior design director of the running innovation department

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